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I’m Zach Williams

I Help CEOs Achieve Optionality.

Most CEOs Feel Stuck. I've Been There Before.

I've founded 6 profitable companies in 15 years, bootstrapped 1 to 8-figures, managed 50+ people, and consulted for billion-dollar brands.

But this wasn't always the case.

For most of my career as an entrepreneur, I felt trapped.

The business owned me, and not the other way around.

I realized that if something didn’t change, I’d lose my family, business, & sanity.

At the time I only saw two options:
Sell the Business or Shut it down.

And I didn’t love either option.

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I had been struggling with my business for over 8 years. It was taking up every second of my time and every ounce of my energy. I was over $150k in debt.

I reached a breaking point when my third child was born with health problems.

But I couldn’t stop working because the “business” would fail without me.

Like most entrepreneurs, I had built a monster.

I even tried to declare bankruptcy but I couldn’t escape this kind of debt.

So almost overnight, I changed everything about my business.

The best creativity is truly born from desperation.

A year later, I had paid off the debt, the business was growing, and I had savings for the first time.

I thought I had finally made it!

But I couldn’t have been more wrong...

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My wife surprised me by coming up to me one day and handing me her wedding ring. I was stunned… It was my first wake-up call. Focusing 100% on the business blinded me to the needs of the people I loved the most.

But “life” wasn’t done with me just yet. Almost simultaneously, I got shingles. All the stress from the business had finally caught up. This shook me out of my daze long enough for me to pause and think.

If I did nothing now,

I’d lose my family, business, & sanity.

I had two options in front of me: either sell the business or shut it down. But I didn’t want to do either.

So I created a third option for myself.

I scaled and systemized my business to the point where I could either sell it or let it run on its own. I created optionality. It helped me save my marriage, support my family, and ironically grow my business much faster (with less stress).

This Leads Me
to You.

Here’s what I’ve realized about entrepreneurs: What we truly want is Optionality - the freedom to choose what, how, and who to work with.

After spending years trying to figure it out, I'm now focused on helping others like me who are struggling with monsters they might have created.

They feel stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed.

How do I scale?
How do I increase sales?
How do I grow profits?

But not work 80+ hours a week?

These are the questions I help businesses solve.

I now help CEOs and founders scale their businesses by building exponential demand and scalable systems.

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I started sharing about optionality because I believe the biggest issues the world is facing can be solved by entrepreneurs. Throughout history, many of the world's greatest challenges have been solved by entrepreneurs.

Their ability to create solutions from nothing is needed now more than ever. The problem is that most entrepreneurs sacrifice themselves on the altars of their businesses. They give everything to keep their dreams alive and don’t know how to step away without it dying.

This is why it’s my mission to help more entrepreneurs achieve optionality.

Hope to hear from you,

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