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Do you Have a Business or Just a Job?

This is how I define Owner Optionality.

March 01, 2023

Here’s how most entrepreneur's businesses work:

Entrepreneur + Business = Success

While this equation is correct, it is also sad. If you remove the entrepreneur from the equation, the business dies along with the success and profit that it creates. In essence, most entrepreneurs don’t own a business, they have a job. The business owns them. If the business cannot exist without them, they have not built a business… They are the business.

This is what I escaped from. I love my business, our employees, and our clients, but I wanted to remove myself from the equation. I didn’t want to close down or sell the business yet, but I wanted to build new things, and spend energy on new endeavors. I needed an option that didn’t require me in the equation. I wanted to see growth but wanted to detach my time and energy from the outcome.

So I built a system that created this for me with a new kind of equation. This is how I define Owner Optionality:

You + Business = Success

Easier said than done, but my goal is to show you how to make this a reality faster and easier than you think is possible.

At its core, when you detach yourself from the business and it continues to grow this increases three things for every entrepreneur:

  • Confidence: You know the business will grow and deliver your vision without requiring your time.
  • Resources: Your business creates profit, assets, and expertise to help you compound the areas of your life that are most important.
  • Energy: You spend your time on things that create energy, not consume it.

This is the dream state of every owner. You can exit and hold, sell the business, or simply focus on the areas that bring you energy.

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