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Five Steps to Build a Company That Does Not Need You

Here’s how I built a company that does not need my direct involvement.

March 01, 2023

9 out of 10 entrepreneurs I speak to only take 1 holiday per year. Last year I took the most I’ve ever taken. Coincidentally, my company had its best year to date. Here’s how I built a company without needing my direct involvement.

1.) Drove demand

When you have demand, you have options. Demand makes every other problem smaller. This is where all my time went into as I started my business.

2.) Focused on the service

Your highest leverage task is making your product/service better because customers will advocate for you. Getting results means building trust and making far more money long term.

3.) Learned to cross-sell

Expansion revenue allows scaling. A customer that pays you $10k/yr and gets a great return is happy to pay you 10x that if they also get a great return.

4.) Learned how to find & hire A Players

Finding A Players is tough and getting over the mental roadblock of hiring them is tougher. They require 2x the salary, but get 5x the results. As my organization grew, I didn't just need people to follow the culture. I needed leaders to create and push others to follow the culture. I learned that the A Players could do that and become A+ Players.

6.) Learned how to step away

Even when the business ran without me, I stuck my hands in everywhere. It wasn't until I trained my team to operate without me (and tell me they didn't need me) that I could truly step away.

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