It's time to wage war

My best advice to you right now is to go from being apeacetime CEO to awartime CEO.

June 07, 2023

What do I mean?

A lot of businesses -- predominantly service-based businesses are atrophying because the market is changing.

The sophistication level of the buyer is increasing, money is tightening up, sales cycles are elongating, and leads are not once where they were.

Now you're wondering what you're doing wrong.

"Is my offer not good?", "Why am I not selling?"

And suddenly, you feel like you don't want to do this anymore.

It requires a new level of fight to decide whether you're just going to let the market happen to you or if you're going to make the market happen.

The Wartime CEO

In Ben Horowitz’s book “The Hard Thing About Hard Things” he has a chapter about the Wartime CEO.

It’s my favorite chapter in the book, and it details how the wartime CEO has to "violate protocols to win.

This is the problem that most businesses are facing.

You’ve lived in peace over the last few years and the market has changed.

You have a decision to make…

Are you going to dig in?

Are you going to allow the war to define your culture?

Are you going to address the issues in your business to win the market?

Are you going to bury the idols that need to go, whether that's process or people or situations that YOU'VE allowed to happen?

Or are you going to continue to allow things to happen to you?

If you ask me, I think It's time for you to wage war.

Talk Soon,

Zach Williams

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