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Unlocking the Mystery of Scale in a Service-Based Business

Every entrepreneur alive dreams of scaling their business. 

March 01, 2023

When you’re doing one thing well and customers respond, the next logical question is, “How do I multiply product or service output and serve more customers?”

The Red Pill = Scale

Scale is a term that's widely known in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry because you produce something once and then you can sell it twice, right?  

SaaS businesses are the envy of every service-based business owner because of their ability to scale. If this is you, ease up on yourself. Not everyone is called to create software, and that’s okay! In a service-based or product-based business, you must multiply an idea – and the outcome – without you doing all the work.

This is exactly why it’s so important for you to install a Red Pill marketing approach. It’s the most reliable way I have found for giving your idea a life of its own – through customers and employees. You are no longer responsible for every single sale, onboarding, or customer service issue.

If you come back to an idea – and we are all selling ideas – you are orchestrating a scenario in which your business, fueled by your idea, will grow without you. Your business becomes an asset rather than a source of constant worry or distraction. You get to decide what happens next with the business. You decide the level of your involvement.

Product vs. Service vs. Experience

It's funny how when you sell a product, you wish you could sell a service, and when you sell a service, you wish you could sell a product. A product is finite and a service is more malleable, so you can adjust it to what the customer wants. Productizing services is a great way of thinking about how to operationalize and grow your business. But there’s a catch. If you view it that way, you limit yourself.

Sell the Experience

What people want is great experiences from service-related companies. That's why you see CX experts at almost every product company because the experience is why people come back!

Think about Disney World. You take a trip there because the idea of it makes you feel like you're having fun with your family. You keep going back because you keep buying into the idea that everything is okay. The more effectively you sell the experience around your service, the more effectively you will sell your service.

Internalize the Experience

Disney executives must spend a day in the life of a Disney character like Goofy, Micky, or Minnie. Why? Disney wants employees to be part of the experience that they're selling. In addition, executives will experience the customer in the park.

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